Intern Adventure Begins

(This piece is a continuation of Liz Roesels post from June 22, 2016)

I met Liz at the spring CEN mixer and we got close very quickly. I was itching to find an internship before I left for a month-long trip to London with a Cameron School of Business faculty lead program. She helped me immensely and set up a meeting with her former employers, Mark Johnson Custom Homes.

My first meeting with them was great. Mark and Meredith Johnson are two easygoing, successful business owners who are looking to expand on social media and other advertising mediums. It was perfect for me! I couldn’t wait to get started.

Before I left for London I made a few online ads for practice and we all discussed how they could be improved. My job will be to manage blogs, emails, and social media accounts, as well as to spread our information to specific potential customers. I start next week! I feel this is a really great opportunity for me because I get to use my talents and gain from new experiences.

Julia Ormond, CEN Mentee, Cameron School of Business – Marketing Strategy; Theater Performance

Stay tuned for an update on how Julia’s internship is going…


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